Dr. Hill’s Advanced Training and Expertise

Completing all of the courses in the prestigious and rigorous Dr. Dick Barnes Group Continuum for reconstructive, rehabilitation and cosmetic dentistry, has armed Dr. Hill with advanced training and expertise that a very small percentage of general dentists can match.

For example, consider that implant placement — just one of the many advanced procedures that Dr. Hill is qualified to perform (see below) — can be done by only about 15% of all general dentists.

The Dr. Dick Barnes Group Continuum

•     Makes Dr. Hill part of an elite, collaborative group of dentists.
•     Gives Dr. Hill a network of mentors who are world-class dentists.
•     Took three years to complete all of the courses.
•     Consisted of over 15 intensive two-day courses.
•     Features training from some of the world’s top dental instructors.
•     Provides hands-on experience with live patients.

Dr. Hill’s Advanced Areas of Expertise

•     Advanced cosmetics
•     Implant placement and restoration for missing teeth
•     Implant-supported dentures
•     Full-mouth reconstruction
•     Full-arch reconstruction
•     Advanced occlusion (bite) issues
•     Bone grafting
•     Sinus augmentation (sinus lifts)

Other Aadvanced Training and Experience

In addition, over the course of his career, Dr. Hill has annually averaged over five times the legal requirement for continuing education, covering the latest in all areas of general dentistry.

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