Fewer Visits

As Few Visits as Possible

We understand that your time is precious and you need all your dental work expertly done in as few visits as possible. We’ve perfected a truly unique system that makes this a reality.

One-Visit Dentistry

We have ultra-light, safe sedation options that totally relax you for hours, which can give Dr. Hill the time to finish your work in one sitting. More extensive work may require extra visits, but we’ll keep them to a minimum.

Early-Morning and Lunch Appointments

If it’s better for you to schedule us before your workday or during your lunch, no problem. We normally start visits at 7 AM, but we’ll come in earlier if you need us to.

Reserved Long-Visit Days

Unlike most dentists, we reserve some days for fewer patients and longer appointments (i.e., busy people getting it all done at once, veneers), so if your teeth need a lot of work, we can get it all done quickly, in less visits. Of course, we reserve other days for shorter visits as well (i.e., checkups and fillings).

Fast, Easy Communication

You can reach us by phone (even after hours), text, email, and Facebook. Also, if you’d like, we can remind you about appointments with texts and emails. We’ll adapt to what works for you.

Private Sessions and Private Rooms

If your teeth need extensive work, Dr. Hill often makes you his only patient when you come in, ensuring undivided, one-on-one attention from him.  Even our usual routine has very little overlap between patients.  And each of our treatment rooms is a private, separate room for your comfort.

By contrast, most dentists often juggle several patients at the same time, creating a lot of patient overlap, sessions with more interruptions, and far less focused attention from the dentist.

A More Convenient Location

Especially accessible to the Old Mill and Union Park business centers, our office is right off I-215, so you can get here quickly from wherever you work or live.

Artisan Dental's Salt Lake City Utah dentist office, interior.