At Artisan Dental we have a passion for teeth whitening.
We love how it makes people feel.

Women smiling with white teeth.

Noticeably whiter, brighter teeth, in less than an hour, with little or no sensitivity.

In-Office, Laser Teeth Whitening for $179.00

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- Doctor directed: professional teeth whitening
- No commitment – Don’t have to become a patient
- Newest, best method – a new paradigm in dentist whitening
- Faster, less sensitive, less costly per visit
- Many patients satisfied after only one visit

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Artisan Whitening | In-office Whitening | Doctor-strength, Take-Home Whitening Kits | FAQ’s

Artisan Whitening

You have whitening needs.  We are experts.  Let us customize the best experience for you (and your budget).

What do we mean by “customizing your experience?”

Some people want extreme, ‘magazine cover’ white.  Other people just want to take a few years off of their look, by brightening up their smile and getting rid of that dingy grey.  Whatever your goal, we consider your teeth, existing dental work, past sensitivity, and other things – like your budget – to create the best whitening experience for you.

In-office Whitening

No one likes take home whitening trays.  So we simplified high powered, professional tooth whitening down to a faster, more affordable, and less sensitive procedure that anyone can handle.  The majority of our clients are satisfied after just one visit. But you can come as many times as you like, until you can’t help but say, “Wow!”

After a bit of prep time our most common procedure is two, fast, 15-minute sessions with our special, deep-penetrating whitening gel.  Our plasma light helps activate the gel to get tougher stains and colors out.

Every case includes:
a cosmetic consultation with the Doctor. Learn your options from a specialist in a non-threatening environment.

Brighter and Whiter:
up to 10 shades whiter.  One visit with us will do more than 10 to 15 applications of anything you have tried at home, with little to no sensitivity.

Doctor-Strength, Take-home Whitening Products

We want our in-office system to be so easy it’s the only whitening you need.  But when you do want a quick touch up, or an especially low-cost option, we have you covered.  Our doctor-strength, moldable, whitening strips won’t slide around or leave you gagging on excess “stuff,” but will deliver great results.


How long will my results last?
This really depends on your eating, drinking and smoking habits. Some people can go years between whitening visits, but many people choose a laser whitening once or twice a year, and use our touch up products as needed in between.

How white will my teeth get?
The only honest answer to this question is everyone’s teeth are different so no two results will be identical. We use a professional tooth shade guide so you can see for yourself what shade your teeth are before and after.  We advertise up to 10 shades whiter, which is true and accurate, but what’s ultimately important is that you are satisfied with your results regardless of shade change. That is our goal.

How much pain and sensitivity will I experience?
You should have very little to no pain or sensitivity during or after your whitening session.  Two reasons:  1) we do not use the out dated tray method which has your teeth bathing in gel (that inevitably squishes onto your gums.)  2)  Unlike OTC strips that are worn for an hour or more, our system usually consists of two short (15-20 minute) sessions that can be adjusted to your personal sensitivity levels.

Is whitening bad for my teeth or enamel?
No, not at all.  Our whitening gel simply penetrates the pores of your teeth to remove staining caused by eating, drinking, smoking, etc.  No harsh abrasives are used.

How long will this take?
About an hour.  Two 15-20 minute sessions, with a bit of prep time before and between each session.

Call (801) 810-8989 or email to see which whitening option is best for you and your smile.

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